Janene experienced the debilitating effects of fear that resulted from trauma and abuse when she was young. But because of the miraculous healing power of Jesus Christ, she joyfully shares her story of how God healed her and gave her freedom. She has a deep passion for helping others get free from the fear, sin, and trauma that keeps believers from a deep and meaningful relationship with their heavenly Father.

About Janene Forlong

Janene is an author, speaker, worship leader, and workshop facilitator. She loves to share the hope and truth of God’s word and help people enter His presence where there is freedom and healing. Janene and her husband, Michael, minister together running retreats and workshops.


Workshops and Retreats

Freedom From Fear workshop

This workshop will reveal fears to you that you didn't know you had and empower you to evict them and take hold of the gifts that God gave you; love, power and a sound mind. You will discover….

  • What fear looks like when it's ruling?

  • What pathway led you to fear?

  • What the Bible says about fear?

  • How you can get free and live a life-time of freedom?

You will be encouraged to hear that many people are gaining victory over high levels of fear…

Check out the intro to the workshop...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

"I really liked the clear teaching at the Freedom from Fear Course., how you shared from your own experience; how natural and real you were and un hyped. I renounced the fear of death and have been feeling so much better. I was having odd heartbeats and strange chest feelings. Since I prayed and then continued to resist the fear these symptoms have disappeared."    - LJ

“I remember my little sister (Janene Forlong) struggling with so much fear. The sister I now have is free and seeing the world in all its vibrant colour. Real freedom is never something we keep to ourselves but rather is shared with anyone who will listen. This book, 'Where Fear Rules', is Janene's way of saying "here's how you can be free too" recognising ultimate freedom is found in Jesus. Proud of you Sis.” - Kerry Hilton

“I found the most helpful part of the course was identifying my fears and then having the support to deal with them. I now have some tools to fight fear and I am taking hold of freedom. I’m also rebuking thoughts that come into my head that are negative or judgmental…” - Donna McLean

Duration: 6 Sessions
Cost: $30

Register for workshop near you or online. Contact Janene for more information.

Full Life Retreat

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to lay down His life on the cross so that you and I would have LIFE. This life is not just a nice earthly experience, instead it is a life of freedom, a life that is full to overflowing. But many believers are not walking in freedom, they are fearful, they are lacking power, and uncertain about many things.

Are you lacking joy or peace? Are you being held hostage by addiction, fear, sin, trauma, or sickness? If God has gifted us such rich life that is overflowing, wouldn’t it be a shame if we continued with even half of what he has offered us? Join us at the Full Life Retreat and you will …

  • Discover what this full life really is

  • Find out what's holding you back from this wonderful life

  • Receive healing and deliverance

  • Learn about the power of agreeing with God and how to walk in authority with Him

  • Be empowered and sent out to do what God has called you to do

"The Full Life Retreat far exceeded my expectations I was able to fully surrender to the Lord and received powerful prayer, encouraging words, and deep healing."
- Sophie Malone

"Since Saturday, I am truly like a new person, praise God! The constant dialogue, thoughts, and noise in my head have gone. It’s just complete peace and quiet other than the Lord's sweet voice. The nightmares have stopped. The anger, consistent self-doubt, self-hate, and overwhelmingness are gone. There is a lot more but those are the main things. Praise our wonderful God. This is what FULL life is! Cynamon Brown

Duration: One-Day Workshop
Cost: $30
Contact Janene Forlong for more information.

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To host Freedom from Fear workshops or Full Life Retreats in your own church or organisation, contact Janene and find out how you can bring the message of full freedom to your people.



Join Janene Forlong and the Full Life Charitable Trust as they build a brand-new ministry from the ground up. Your prayers and support will help us…

  • To reach every person who is held back from the good life God promised them. To save the lost, free the fearful, heal the sick and restore the broken-hearted ones. To get them free and set them up for service in God’s Kingdom.
  • To bring God’s message of freedom through workshops and retreats to every region of New Zealand.
  • To work with churches and groups of believers who want to assist and be part of these powerful events when we are in their area.

We are looking for funding and donations to assist with travel costs and subsidy for those who want the ministry but are unable to cover fees.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us? You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly partner. Fill out the form and choose how you would like to support.

Thank you so much for considering partnering with us, your prayers and support are much appreciated. 


Janene Forlong



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