I look outside my backyard and see the dry, lifeless grass, yellowed from the sun. The last bit of colour is fading from every blade and when you walk on it, it crunches under your feet. The rose bushes, camellias and maple trees are fighting to survive in the heat that keeps coming day after day. The cloudy days are most welcome for they are a break from the harsh sun and extreme hot conditions. 

The dry crunchy dead grass reminds me of my heart, my life. There have been a few years of turmoil and a few more of pain. My mum has suffered, my dad has passed and my husband has battled cancer.  While we have been shouldering our own troubles, we have also supported others going through different but equally difficult trauma.

I still need to burn; I still need your rain.

It has been harsh, but God is still love.

I am tired and weary, but God is still above.

I’m not sure how much more I can take,

but God holds all things for my sake

My faith has not wavered, my trust is secure secure                                                                               I know my God is faithful, I know, He is sure.

He told me it would be hard, “but hang on” he said                                                                                “For you won’t be overwhelmed, you will be stronger instead.”

What he says is true and His promises are certain                                                                                I see with my own eyes, the coming new season.

But this dry grass is like my heart                                                                                                          It is tender and tinder and ready to advance

Burn me up Lord, set me a light                                                                                                            Rain down on me too so I can live right

There’s more of you and less of me                                                                                                        I still need to burn, and I still need your rain

Janene Forlong


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