Psalms 55:8: I will hurry off to hide in the higher place, into my shelter, safe from the rage storm and tempest.

King David had enemies on every side when he wrote this psalm. But he didn’t go and sit in the middle of the storm where he would be directly under fire. David hurried away, he rushed off, he quickly ran to the higher place where he would find shelter and safety.

My friend, why do we so often hunker down in the storm and remain in harm’s way rather than running to safety. Sometimes we stay and complain about the difficulty. Sometimes we stay and allow ourselves to be beat up by the circumstances. But the Lord has invited us to hide away under his wings. God is huge, there is plenty of space for us all to come under His wing of protection, even at the same time.

Our Father is perfectly able to protect you in every way, but you need to be willing to move your hearts, your minds and your emotions. What do I mean by ‘Move’? You are invited to transfer your pain and your trauma, your fear and anxiety to God’s hands. He wants you to completely give it over to Him. Let Him carry it, deal with it, and fight for you. Are you willing to give up your pain to God? Are you willing to give it away to the one who is able to take care of all things?

The higher place is the Lords’ presence and the enemy has no permission to enter this safe place. In this shelter you can exhale all your troubles and breathe in all of who God is. Peace will overcome you and the restlessness and fear will fade away. The size of your problems will decrease and your hope and faith will rise.

Don’t forget to hide in Me, don’t forget to come

When the world and its issues are overwhelming

I am your shelter I am your God.

Don’t forget to hide in Me, don’t forget to pause

To give me every worry, fear and thought

And let me BE your God.

I will protect and keep you, it is my pure delight

My perfect love will always cover you

It’s my joy to stand and fight.

Don’t forget to let me in, don’t forget to share

Tell me all your concerns, every pain and hurt

I am your burden bearer.

Come, come away and hide

Come, come away and be

Come away and hide

You are safe here with me.

Janene Forlong Aug 2020


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